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Privacy Policy

Welcome to Appzia Tec Solutions! This document outlines the Privacy and Policy that all employees must follow to ensure a safe, secure, and productive work environment. Our goal is to maintain high standards of integrity, confidentiality, and professionalism.

Code of Conduct

Professional Behaviour

All employees are expected to act with integrity, honesty, and respect towards colleagues, clients, and partners.


Employees must keep sensitive company information and respect the privacy of clients and colleagues.

IT Security Policy

Access Control

Access to company systems is restricted to authorized personnel only.

Data Protection

Company Equipment

Internet and Email

Use the internet and email in a professional manner.

Software Installation

Hardware Usage

Social Media Policy

Personal Use

Professional Use

Policy Updates

The company reserves the right to update these policies as necessary. Employees will be notified of any changes and are expected to comply with the updated policies.

Contact Information

For any questions regarding these policies, please contact:

By E-Mail:

By visiting this page on our website:



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